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Debra Doesn't Live Here Anymore

(Written August 21, 2003.)

Debra doesn't live here anymore.
She thought if she road the Great White Horse through her veins
just one time,
she would be all right.
But Debra doesn't live here anymore.
She dreamed in colors and the answers that she use to seek,
were no longer in black and white.
Her mind created an array of illusions that were a rainbow of falsehoods
and deceptions in a world that lived,
to be alive.
But animation of vital forces shot sparks of respiration in her life force,
as she walked the earth giving birth to life,
bringing to life and putting life into a body and soul.
All the time letting the wolf enter her door,
while existing in the flesh in the land of living,
dead and kicking.
Debra doesn't live here anymore.
She had fallen so low in life,
she thought the Great White Horse,
would liberate her.
When all else had failed she thought her emancipation proclamation
would be her deliverance,
her extrication,
her release from being snatched from the jaws of death,
only to find death.
Her mind was off the hook while trying to gain her liberty.
Liberty to get off or out,
liberty to get clear or free of the harness of the Great White Horse.
But the liberative,
the liberatory of freedom and independence had absconded.
Thus her freedom slipped through her fingers and found its way
through a needle into her vein.
Her pain has ended.
Debra doesn't live here anymore.

P.S. Choose life and not slow death, for the ride is pure hell.

Written by Jlivory

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