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Heart and Soul

(Written November 26, 1999.)

As I lay alone,
vision of you dance through my head and for one
more night the world seems right.
I think to myself,
when will we finally admit our love for one another.
When can we stop pretending that,
we don't care for each other?
There have been many loving moments,
that we've shared.
Somehow I must convince you that,
we must meet each other halfway.
Not in silence and not in sound,
but in love,
right now.
For it is love that shall get us through the moments of life that,
insanity can bring.
Yes I am crazy,
crazy for you and the thought of not having you.
What man in his right mind could not see the essence of your love?
I now realize the only thing worse than death is living without you.

Everyday I chase my feelings for you and hope that tomorrow,
I shall catch them.
Without this hope I can only pray to God for the worst to happen
just to get it over with.
The wall you have chosen to put up holds me at bay and once again
I must go another day,
without you in my life.
Without you things just don't seem right.
When I see you our time is measured in seconds,
minutes and if I am lucky,
an hour or two.
What you don't understand is,
this just won't do.
Now I am reaching out to you,
to show you that God meant for you to walk with me can't you see?
take a moment and allow yourself to dream.
Dream of the moments when,
time stood still and you looked at me,
and started to feel.
To feel like I was your world and life once again seemed all right.
Turn your dreams into reality,
by telling me that you care and love me madly.
If what I write,
can touch your heart.
If what I write,
can touch your soul.
If what I write,
can give you a purpose in life.
Then I give my love to you,
heart and soul.

Written by Jlivory

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