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Age: 46
Name: Jeffrey Lynn Ivory
Location: South Bend, Indiana
Occupation: Corporate Investigator
Favorite Poet: Gil Scott Heron
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Author Jeffrey Lynn Ivory








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J effrey Lynn Ivory age 46 was born in Elkhart, Indiana. I have been writing poetry and lyrics for over 37 years. I've been performing Spoken Word Poetry since the age of 15 and was an Honor Roll Student in High School and College. I enjoyed a very successful athletic career and still active today. My passions in life are Poetry, Music, Performing and Martial Arts. I make my living as a Corporate Investigator while striving to reach the pinnacle of success in my art and passions.

I was born in 1956 in Elkhart, Indiana and came from a family of 3 brothers and 1 sister. My Mother and beloved Grandmother raised us. Like a lot of Black Families I lacked a Father figure, but later rekindled my relationship with him. During the meantime my Teacher, Mentor and eventually best friend, the late James Sonny Middleton took me off the streets and harness my potential in all aspects of life. James introduced me to my first album of then Poet, Gil Scott Heron and my life changed forever. I grew up during the riots of 1967 and early 70s. This did not stop me from writing and performing in open forums to get the message out of equality, justice and freedom for the oppressed that were already suppose to be free. Once great strides in equality were made, I once again started to concentrate on my other poetry styles of Religious, Inspirational, Romantic Interludes, Classical, Contemporary and New Age. Through all my trials and tribulations poetry has always remained my therapy and ministered to my soul and the souls of others. It is my belief that life is an adventure, but it is the journey through life that really counts.

Presently I am working on several different projects and have been asked to collaborate of several others in the near future. I have a new book coming out in February 2003 called, "The Ivory Tower" The Many Steps In Life. I'm hoping that everyone can relate to this creative work of art. It touches upon 3 aspects of life that I have dealt with and many other people throughout the world but could not find the words to express it. The first being social issues in life, be it personal or worldly, the second deals with the various forms of love, love lost, love found, love's love. The third and foremost deals with our Lord and Savior, God.

So if you get the chance, pick up a copy of, "The Ivory Tower" The Many Steps In Life and let me know what you think. Future projects are forthcoming.


"Within one's self lies the keys and mysteries to our lives. Unlock the doors to your mind and soul, then walk into life." Jlivory


Cross Roads
The Highway Man
Heart and Soul
My Message In A Bottle
"Old Jim" I Have Seen It All
No More Tears In The Dark
My Lady, My Captain, My Love
Debra Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Here I Shall Find You In Victoria Bay
To Glorify God/ Look Out The Windows Of The World And See Miracles

Missing You
Sugar To Shit
105 In The Sun
If I Should Die Tonight
From A Man To A Woman
Sweet Lullabies In The Night
The Man With The Golden Soul
Your World And Mine Together Just Us Two
The Day I Came Home To My Father's House



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